Freitag, 26. April 2013

"The new album is excellent" - Review by Hervé Dubois

After “Reed Adventure” the new CD “A day in full dress” from Thomas Lukassek is an invitation to a wonderfull journey.

My first connection with the new cd....I have had instant pleasure listening to he titles 1 and 3 and 4 and 5.
These are my favorites at first listening....then by listening again and again in differents circumstances on the beach, in my car....all the other titles make me having a journey

After 6 days of listening…I can tell that I appreciate this new cd every day more and more. In my Ist listening  I enjoyed immediately 4 tracks (1 – 8th, 3 – Ghille Callum, 4- Tailor’s Dream and 5-Donan Island, and 5 days later it is the entire cd that I enjoyed listening to. After the first Cd “Reed Adventures” this new release “A Day in full Dress” will transport you to a wonderfull journey. Thomas Lukassek is worth to be discovered.
The titles I didn’t like is None.
The new CD “A day full a dress” will transport you into another dimension of the world of the bagpipe players. It is a wonderfull journey. Buy this CD you won’t regret it.

The new album is excellent, I play it  here “on heavy rotation”. Very well produced. It is a modern way of playing and a renewal of the bagpipe playing and still in a folk, celtic way.

I would say that this new cd is an invitation to travel. A wonderfull journey.

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