Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Review of A DAY IN FULL DRESS and REED ADVENTURES by Daniel C. Morrison of the Hip Rock Magazine

Here is a one off for you, a bagpipe player blending modern and classic bagpipe music to bring me to my historical knees. For the record, I love bagpipe music. Every time I hear it I am swept away to a time and place I feel I may have actually experienced either in a past life or an alternate reality going on now. It’s amazing.

When I heard this album I was transported again, magically. I didn’t stop at “A Day in Full Dress”, I even went as far as to listen to “Reed Adventures” and I am like a happy little baby right now.

If you’re a fan of bagpipe music, serene music, soft story telling music without words, a different place in time where fields were soft, breezes were gentle, and there were little cares in the world, Thomas has your recipe for tranquility. I could see myself sitting underneath a sunny sky staring at clouds, perhaps with a young lass next to me to keep me company and a plate of sandwiches in a basket.

But it doesn’t just stop at the serene, it goes through a variety of tempos that all make me feel like going from taking a meditational journey to heavy pub dancing. I love the addition of mild electric guitar and bass sprinkled throughout.

Thomas, I don’t normally do this but in the spirit of the holidays here in the U.S. and because I’m a huge fan of bagpipe music I am giving you an 11 on the volume knob. You’ve made my holiday season resonate with a lifestyle I’ve longed to live. You, my friend, have enhanced my life!

Daniel C. Morrison – Hip Rock Magazine