Samstag, 28. April 2012

28.04.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von Tomatrax:

Thomas Lukassek is a Piper from Germany. On this solo album is a collection of songs in which he explores the sounds of his bagpipes along with a large range of other instruments ranging from the oriental oud to the didgeridoo. The result is some amazing songs full of original ideas and very clever arrangements.

The album opens with some didgeridoo sounds in Bareless Fivestar.As the song progresses some more Celtic sounds start to flow in creating an unusual mix of sounds and styles which work beautifully, creating a new, unusual but amazing soundscape.

Sunday afternoon is a laid back and relaxed offering led by some chilling pan pipes. The various elements create a dreamy atmosphere making you feel as if you are by a flowing river somewhere far away.

Bagblues, as the name might suggest, is Mr Lukassek’s interpretation of the blues. Backed with some cool guitars he manages to get the bagpipes to fit in well within the vibe creating a unique but effecting tune.

Molehills is a beautiful, Pan pipe led tune. There is a slight River dance feel to the song with some really catchy tunes. As it progresses some guitars creep into the sound giving the song an energetic rocking feel.

The title track sees everything come together with elements of blues rock, spacey prog rock and traditional Celtic sounds all mixed in. The result is something truly amazing and nothing like anything else out there!

This is quite an impressive album with a sound unlike anything else around. You might want to avoid it if you don’t like the sound of bagpipes. However those that are open to new sounds and unusual ideas will find something quite amazing in this record.

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