Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Residenz Uhlenhorst - Mülheim an der Ruhr

Wer die Website der Residenz Uhlenhorst in Mülheim besucht, wird vielleicht nicht auf die Idee kommen dort ein bedeutsames Ereignis zu feiern. Aber der Online Eindruck täuscht. In "natura" handelt es sich um einen echten Geheimtip !

Freitag, 14. September 2012

Schloss Nordkirchen

Schloss Nordkirchen, das westfälische "Versailles", bietet sieben Tage in der Woche die Möglichkeit einer standesamtlichen Trauung. Sehr schön, jedoch kein Geheimtip mehr. An einem Samstag können dort schon einmal bis zu 10 Paare standesamtlich getraut werden.

Schloss Raesfeld

Das historische Wasserschloss Raesfeld bietet seit 2007 die Möglichkeit einer standesamtlichen Trauung entweder im Kamin- oder im Verlieszimmer.

Montag, 3. September 2012

Dienstag, 7. August 2012

07.08.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von John Bottomley "Eastern United States Pipe Band Association - The voice" :

"Thomas Lukassek, one of Germany's most forward thinking pipers, has produced a CD here that turns traditional bagpipe / folk group / Celtic rock music aside completely...
You will be well repaid to listen to this recording more than once to hear the number od musical nuances in each tune...

Read the full review on

Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

28.07.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von "Folkworld":

Thomas Lukassek ist ein vom National Piping Center in Glasgow zertifizierter Dudelsackspieler aus Nordrhein-Westfalen. Für sein aktuelles Album hat er elf Eigenkompositionen und eine traditionelle Tune aufgenommen.
Lukassek ist ein hervorragender Piper und die zwölf Instrumentalstücke sind sorgfältig arrangiert, Dudelsack und Whistle werden im Hintergrund rhythmisch begleitet. Da Angaben über Gastmusiker fehlen gehe ich davon aus, dass er die Musik im Alleingang aufgenommen hat. Lukassek beginnt mit dem up-Beat Stück "Barless fivestar", bei dem der Dudelsack von einem atemberaubenden Arrangement angetrieben wird. Man hört den Klang des Didgeridoo, der Whistle, Bouzouki, Fiddle, aber auch moderne Samples und Beats. "Benderloch fox" ist eine langsame Tune im schleppenden Rhythmus mit orchestralem Keyboard Sound, Whistle und Pipes. Einige Stücke spielt Lukassek auf der Whistle wie die romantische Melodie "Sunday afternoon" oder die verspielte Tune "Molehills". Bei "Grade two river" wird es wieder rockig, Pipes und E-Gitarre haben ein Stell-dich-ein. Mit "For Ireland I'll not tell her name", eine traditionelle Pipe Tune, beendet Lukassek seine CD.
Die Musik von Thomas Lukassek erinnert ein wenig an einen Soundtrack zu einem Film über die Highlands. Aufwendige Arrangements, hervorragendes Pipes und Whistle Spiel zeichnen ihn aus.

Die komplette Rezension gibt es hier:

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

02.07.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von Bruce Campbel, (... a life spent as a professional piper (with service as a regular army pipe major), a successful solo and pipe band career combined with a professional writing, editing and publishing background.)

"... His debut CD "Reed Adventures" is a neo-piping travel which
explores his own compositions with the background of, largely,
sypathetic other instrumentation.
His travels into rock music always have a strong Celtic background
which gives the CD instant listener appeal."

" is a highly enjoyable CD."

Reed the full review in "Piping World 40"

Bruce Campbell was originally taught at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane by Pipe Major John M MacKenzie and later received tuition via the Army School of Piping system as well as Piobaireachd instruction from Donald Bain. He has won a number of solo prizes and although the best years of his career were spent in Australia he has also won prizes in Scotland and England. He has pipe majored a number of bands and says that he is “proud of the fact that his bands have won prizes in Scotland, England, Holland, Dubai and Australia.” He also heads up THE PIPING SCHOOL.
His only tutors at any level (and in order) have been John M MacKenzie (Queen Victoria School), Bill Brown and Bobby Tait (Canberra, as a teenager), Tony Crease and Jock Allan (Royal Scots Dragoon Guards), John MacLellan, Andrew Pitkeathly and John Allan (Army School of Piping), Tom Speirs and Donald Bain (Piobaireachd tuition). To them all, he is eternally grateful and acknowledges a huge debt of quality tuition and enthusiasm.

Samstag, 19. Mai 2012

19.05.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von Rezensator:

Lukassek legt ein Album vor, welches Appetit auf Pipes macht. Es sollte sowohl den konservativen Bagpipe Fan als auch den Einsteiger in die Thematik erreichen können. Dies vor allem, weil es Lukassek gut gelingt, die Pipesounds nie zu aufdringlich klingen zu lassen. Dazu sind alle Songs gut gelungen, wobei ich persönlich meine Favoriten in Grade Two River und For Ireland I'll Not Tell Her Name gefunden habe. Diese Songs besitzen aus meiner Sicht Chartpotential und eignen sich vorzüglich als Einstieg in das gelungene Album.

Die komplette Rezension gibt es hier:

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

01.05.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von Alec Cunningham:

If you are an avid lover of bagpipes or any type of Celtic-infused music, Thomas Lukassek’s Reed Adventures may be right up your alley. He relies on his faithful bagpipes everywhere he turns throughout the album. And given that the album has no actual words or lyrics, he lets his instruments do all of the talking for him. Lukassek does not simply use a single type of bagpipe, however. Instead, he delves into the sounds of various types, such as the Highland, Lowland, and Uillean bagpipes, over the course of the album, oftentimes overlapping one sound with another.

If you are not too keen on bagpipes this album might not be especially for you. In other words, you have to be able to truly enjoy them unless you want to be pulling your hair out by the third song. However, even those who believe they are opposed to the sound of bagpipes may just find that they have been opened to a new and unique sound after getting a taste of his album. He has managed to take bagpipes out of their normal stereotype and do something that is relatively original and distinctive, giving it a sound that can potentially be enjoyed by people with a number of musical preferences.

“Bag Blues” is just what the title suggests. Lukassek combines the bagpipe and electric guitar to produce his own interpretation of a rock and roll, blues-type song. The melody of “Sunday Afternoon” goes seamlessly along with its title as well. If you were to get wrapped up in the song, its mellow characteristics could persuade you to believe that you were unwinding on a carefree Sunday afternoon. The subtle sound of waves, soft, flowing tone, and gentle guitar picking make it sound as if it could easily fit into a relaxation or meditation CD.
With such an interesting title, it is only fitting that “Spam Lawyer and Tackle ‘Barry Win” have a similarly attention-grabbing melody. He sets the background with a steady, yet still compelling acoustic guitar loop and carries the song yet again with his pipes. This time though, he adds a guitar solo composed of quick finger picking that soon revs right back up into the heart of the song.

“For Ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name” is a song that seems to just ache for the accompaniment of lyrics. The song has ideal high and low points in its tones where words would be able to perfectly intertwine. This is not to say that the instrumentation is by any means poor in itself. In fact, he has done such a superior job with it that you can almost picture a voice singing along, hitting the same notes and pitches as the bagpipe. The songs on here range in length, varying anywhere from a mere two minutes to a whole six minutes. The album’s title track, “Reed Adventures,” is of the two minute variety. It is another more rock sounding song, but the melody continues relatively similarly throughout, not wavering much save for a harp solo within the middle.
Lukassek experiments with various sounds and genres that all circle around one singular point, the bagpipe, which is what makes his album title even more fitting. But by combining various bagpipes as well as other more common instruments such as guitars and drums he creates a rock album, more or less. It is not merely a rock album, though. With it, he explores the sounds of his instruments and in doing so creates songs ranging from Celtic and rock to blues and even a touch of folk.

Review by Alec Cunningham
Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Samstag, 28. April 2012

28.04.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von Tomatrax:

Thomas Lukassek is a Piper from Germany. On this solo album is a collection of songs in which he explores the sounds of his bagpipes along with a large range of other instruments ranging from the oriental oud to the didgeridoo. The result is some amazing songs full of original ideas and very clever arrangements.

The album opens with some didgeridoo sounds in Bareless Fivestar.As the song progresses some more Celtic sounds start to flow in creating an unusual mix of sounds and styles which work beautifully, creating a new, unusual but amazing soundscape.

Sunday afternoon is a laid back and relaxed offering led by some chilling pan pipes. The various elements create a dreamy atmosphere making you feel as if you are by a flowing river somewhere far away.

Bagblues, as the name might suggest, is Mr Lukassek’s interpretation of the blues. Backed with some cool guitars he manages to get the bagpipes to fit in well within the vibe creating a unique but effecting tune.

Molehills is a beautiful, Pan pipe led tune. There is a slight River dance feel to the song with some really catchy tunes. As it progresses some guitars creep into the sound giving the song an energetic rocking feel.

The title track sees everything come together with elements of blues rock, spacey prog rock and traditional Celtic sounds all mixed in. The result is something truly amazing and nothing like anything else out there!

This is quite an impressive album with a sound unlike anything else around. You might want to avoid it if you don’t like the sound of bagpipes. However those that are open to new sounds and unusual ideas will find something quite amazing in this record.

Samstag, 21. April 2012

21.04.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von Stuart Cassells - founder of the highly successful bagpipe group ‘The Red Hot Chilli Pipers’

Review by Stuart Cassells

REED ADVENTURES – Thomas Lukassek (self released)

Genre: Bagpipes, Celtic, Ambience, Instrumental

‘Reed Adventures’ is exactly as the title suggests. It’s an experiment with the fusion of various types of bagpipes playing together along with backing instrumentation cleverly provided by loops and samples.
The CD features the electronic sound of The Highland, Lowland and Uillean bagpipes in different styles, genres and moods. Thanks to modern technology and programming software, this kind of experimentation of instrumentation and timbres, which would have cost previously tens of thousands of pounds, can now be replicated in all studios.

It is refreshing to hear an album that uses the various sounds from different bagpipes together in the one song and I believe there is a future for more cross-pollination of bagpipes. The Uilleann pipe over the Smallpipe sound on the track ‘Grade Two River’ is particularly nice and combined with the strong hypnotic melody makes this is my favourite track on the album. The counter melody played on the Uilleann pipes over the main tune is fantastic.  Another highlight is ‘Sunday Afternoon’. The sleeve notes mention this was originally to be called ‘Migraine’ but a migraine wouldn’t sound as melodic as this. A gentle song where the sound of waves and soft Low Whistle accompanied by tasteful acoustic guitar and strings will make you relax and daydream. It wouldn’t be out of place as background music in an expensive health spa.

There are tracks I feel didn’t quite pull off the experiment of sounds. ‘Bagblues’ in particular didn’t work for me. I didn’t think the melody was catchy enough and the backing didn’t enhance the tune but I did enjoy the Jews Harp solo in the middle. The title track ‘Reed Adventures’ sounded too much like samples and didn’t have the strong melody that bagpipe tunes require or the evolution of a song going somewhere.
‘For Ireland I’ll Not Tell Her Name’ has a great groove behind it and is a classic melody with good blending of Smallpipe and Highland pipe sounds. The accompaniment chords, especially in the second part, aren’t always the most sympathetic for the tune but I’m sure this track will be enjoyed by most.

There are a few tracks that have the great popular ‘Enya’ Celtic anthem feel, which with bagpipes is always a powerful sound. ‘Benderloch Fox’ is a lovely example of this and the string sounds really enhance the pipe sounds. The first track of the album entitled ‘Barless Fivestar’ is a good choice of opener for the CD as it gives a good intro with the didgeridoo sounds over low whistle and is a great flavour for what the rest of the album sounds like.
‘Reed Adventures’ is indeed an adventure of sounds and Thomas Lukassek shows he is a clever musician with a good ear for blending complimentary instruments and many sounds.  has produced a nice CD with lots of good ideas that deserve further exploring.

Stuart Cassells is the founder of the highly successful bagpipe group ‘The Red Hot Chilli Pipers’. He became the first bagpiper to graduate from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama with a degree in bagpipes and in 2005 he was awarded the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year.

Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

19.04.2012 - Rezension zu "REED ADVENTURES" von Maxi P.   

Schon der Titel ist sehr interessant gewählt: „Reed Adventures“ und das Cover zeigt eine Great Highland Bagpipe vor einer romantischen schottischen Landschaft. Der erste Eindruck des Albums ist, dass es genau diese beiden Aspekte vereint: Ruhige Stücke stehen fetzigen Ohrwürmern mit E-Gitarrenbegleitung entgegen. Dieser Stil von Thomas Lukassek zieht sich über die gesamte Platte.

Das erste Stück beginnt sehr mysteriös und verträumt mit einer Whistle und einen Didgeridoo, der einen sofort in seinen Bann zieht. Auch nachdem der Dudelsack und eine Geige einsetzen wird diese Stimmung beibehalten, doch nach 3 Minuten kommt mir dieses Stück eintönig vor, da der Dudelsack scheinbar immer das Selbe spielt. Hier kommt jedoch der Bruch, Pipes und Whistle wechseln sich ab und das Stück gewinnt an Pepp. Dennoch, irgendetwas fehlt hier…
Doch der erste Eindruck täuscht. Thomas Lukassek, ausgebildet unter Anderen von Callum Beaumont und Derek Midgley, hat noch um einiges mehr zu bieten. Die CD ist, wie sie schon im ersten Stück zeigt, keine klassische Solopiping-CD, sondern verfolgt einen Stil, den man schon von seinem Projekt „Kilt-Rock-Band“ kennt.

Das Stück „Bagblues“ ist meiner Meinung nach ein Höhepunkt der CD und zeigt wie ruhig und entspannt dieses ursprüngliche Kriegsinstrument klingen kann und auch das Stück „Reed Adventures“ hat es mit seinen fetzigen Riffs in sich, welche die Bagpipe wirklich gut unterlegen.

„Sunday Afternoon“ ist hingegen ein ganz anderes Stück. Als Soloinstrument fungiert die Whistle und Thomas Lukassek spielt hier sehr traurig und schön, untermalt von Trommel und Gitarre, sowie Streichern und Triangel. Dieses Stück lädt wirklich zum Träumen ein und unterscheidet sich von dem Rest der CD, da es den typischen Irish-Folk-Flair durchgängig beibehält.

Alles in Allem kann ich diese CD jedem empfehlen, der gerne Irische und Schottische Musik hört und die Bagpipe mal ganz anders als gewohnt hören möchte. Auch Liebhaber anderer Instrumente kommen bei der CD nicht zu kurz, da er allerlei  Instrumente auf der CD vereinigt, die man ansonsten noch nie zusammen gehört hat.
Ich persönlich mag diese CD sehr und finde vor Allem die Vielfalt genial, mit der er seine Stücke gestaltet. Dabei finde ich allerdings die Whistle-Teile fast besser als den Teil wo der Dudelsack vorkommt.

Maxi P. 

Dienstag, 20. März 2012

neues Album Ende März erhältlich

Das neue Album "Reed Adventures" wird Ende März 2012 erhältlich sein bei iTunes, musicload, oviNokia, napster, Mediamarkt/Saturn, Emusic, Music Net, Rhapsody, Vodafone, amazon, spotify, steereo und simfy. Die Links zu den Shops befinden sich unten im Player. Online Preis: 11,99 €

Zusätzlich wird das Album auf CD auf der Website Dudelsack Online erhältlich sein. Vorbestellungen für die CD können dort per Paypal aufgegeben werden. CD Preis: 15,- €